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Achieving Midlife Vitality: Custom Strategies for Better Sleep and Enhanced Well-being

$149 USD (Pay in Full) or 2 x $75 USD (each month for 2 months)

What's included?

  • The Holistic Bedtime Routine:

    A private podcast and interactive workbook designed to help you establish a calming bedtime routine to improve sleep quality.

  • The Vitality Blueprint:

    Two recorded webinars that offer insights into energy-boosting strategies along with an energy tracker to monitor and optimize your daily habits.

  • Personalized Questionnaire:

    A detailed questionnaire to tailor the kit’s content to your unique needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

  • 30-Minute Voxer Coaching Session:

    A personal coaching session to provide direct support, answer specific questions, and help you refine your approach to better health and vitality.

Your Instructor: Certified Holistic Nutritionist Tazim Damji

As a holistic nutritionist, Tazim Damji helps midlife women ditch the fatigue and brain fog that hold them back. Her clients in the "Portal to Vitality Beyond 40" program experience significant boosts in energy, improved mental focus, and a brighter outlook.  This translates into them feeling more productive, having deeper connections, and finally having the energy to do the things they love.

Tazim works with clients in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada as well as online with women around the world and has been featured on CBC Vancouver, in The Vancouver Sun, and the Georgia Straight newspapers.

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